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Phyllis Nissel

Phyllis Nissel, an 80-year-old artist, has been painting since her youth. For a span of 35 years, she was the Activities and Marketing Director for the largest Senior Citizen independent living facility in Pittsburgh, PA. After retirement, she moved to Scranton PA and studied with Albert Ondush, a famous artist in northeast Pennsylvania. Seven years later, she and her husband, Dr. Neil Nissel, moved to Baltimore, MD to be near their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She has taught art at senior housing facilities in Baltimore and has given many demonstrations of creation of floral painting. She has had exhibitions in Pittsburgh and in Scranton, PA.

Phyllis’ love for art is reflected in the several styles and mediums she has used. She currently works mainly in watercolor, but has also worked in acrylic paint and mixed media.


Sandy L. Nissel

Sandy Nissel is a self-taught photographer from Baltimore, Maryland with a passion for nature and macro photography. His interest in photography began at the age of 9 with a 35mm rangefinder camera. He later progressed to an Olympus, OM2n 35mm film camera while in High School. He now shoots with a Nikon D7000, capturing the depth of color, texture, and patterns found in nature. He has traveled extensively in Israel and his photographic essays of the region are exquisite and unique.

Raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sandy graduated from Mechina High School in Baltimore. Sandy received a B.A. from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. After 18 years in hospital strategic planning and management, Sandy was appointed Chief Operating Officer, and later, CEO of the Bais Yaakov School, the largest private school in the state of Maryland, in 2004.

Sandy resides in Baltimore, with his wife Sue Anne, a business consultant.